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Foreign representation:

France: MarcoTech
Benelux: Dial Liquid Technics
Turkey: Pascal Teknologi Ürünleri
Russia: Nihüeser Россиия



  • Inter Airport 2023

    Visit us at the Inter Airport Europe
    10 – 13 Oktober 2023 in Munich
    Stand 944 / Hall B6

  • Metering system NMA800

    Product description:
    NMA800 measuring system according to MID for pumping and gravity delivery for dispensing low-viscosity mineral oil products for use on road tankers and stationary operation.
    Dry hose delivery, Bypass, up to 4 wet hoses

    Technical features:

    • Nominal size DN80
    • Nominal pressure PN10
    • MMQ: 150 L/min
    • Qmin: 40 L/min | Qmax, 800L/min
    • Accurancy class:0,5 | Envionment classes H3 / M3
    • EU-Typ-examination certificate: DE-17-MI005-PTB

  • NIGAS2

    Farbige, wasserdichte Bedieneinheit (möglich an beiden Tankwagenseiten)
    Vermischungsschutz (COP) entsprechend EN14166, Profil Auswahl, Veredelungsmöglichkeit
    Diebstahlüberwachung (SPD), Überwachung von: Bodenventile, API Kupplungen, Fülllochdeckeln, Druchgangsventilen und Restmengensensoren. Batteriegepuffert (auch Restmengensensoren)
    ASS Abfüll-Schlauch-Sicherung,
    Abfüllsicherung entspr. EN13616 (z.B. FAFNIR) und / oder EN14166 (z.B. N17-PID-O)
    GPS Empfänger
    Neigungssensor integriert
    Konfiguration mittels PC-Programm

  • N17-O-PID

    Optical Overfill protection (fail safe),
    with integrated, reprogrammable PID inside the overfill protection pipe for cross over prevention COP.
    According EN 14116 (2013-01) / EN 13616 (2010-03) as well as ATEX.
    Simultaneously unloading with all available discharge hoses.

    - No amplifier needed on the tank truck.

    - Message #4 (EN14116) included.

    - No overfill protection cable needed. Information of overfill status and product code are transmitted through the hose.

    - Easiest operation for the tank truck driver.

    - No overfill protection socket needed at the filling station. Easy and economical installation.

    - No PID-Box needed at the filling station.

    - Adjustable switching point / height.

    - Only one cable needed from the N17-O-PID to the hose connection.

    - Cross over prevention according to EN 14116.

    - Only one electrically insulated hose connection needed.

    - Based on our well-established N17-O overfill technology (EN 13922) for tank trucks.

    - Return line through a second product hose, vapour recovery hose or an earth bonding reel.